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Garrio Harrison

Garrio Harrison is a partner at the marketing strategy firm Curious. He is the marketer you call when you want your company’s marketing message to be clear and compelling so customers pay attention and want to do business with you. Outside of working with clients, Garrio dedicates time to community development and supporting the next generation of business leaders. 
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Dario Otero

Connecting the stories that change us, believing missions should be seen and heard, Dario helps innovative organizations grow their brands and create greater impact through high-quality video production services. Utilizing hidden talent and fresh perspectives, Dario and his team at YouthLens 360 empower you to connect with your audience and share your story with confidence.
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Mick White

Helping people live better, Mick is an international speaker, coach, and teacher. His 100 Year Manifesto and framework for living your best life was featured on four continents in 2021. Working one on one with clients, leading cohorts, and creating digital courses, Mick is helping people amplify their legacy - on purpose.
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Khalique Rogers

In a data driven world, make decisions with somebody in mind. That somebody is a human. Khalique helps companies with a data driven, human centered approach when working with the people they are looking to serve.  Khalique advocates for individuals and organizations needing their story to be heard at the table.

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Liz Tupper

Liz is the Chief Product & Operations Officer at Social Impact IDentification (SIID™) Technologies. She has over 20 years' experience working in the social good, IoT (internet of things), web, mobile application, and video game industries. She started her career as a self-taught web developer and has spent a good part of that helping tech startups design and scale their products with a human-centered and inclusive approach.

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Zina Scheuerman

Zina is a Lean Six Sigma Certified Black Belt with +20 years in generating bottom line results for Fortune 100 companies.  Her strategic planning, implementation of continuous improvement methodology, and problem solving skills bring depth, experience, and a whole lot of wisdom to Team Amplify.  With a MBA, Masters in Engineering Management, and a Chemical Engineering degree, Zina is the zen in engineering.  

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